Spotify Mastering


More and more peaple are streaming music on streaming plattforms like Spotify, Deezer, Youtube and what not, there is a new era of mastering. Loudness war is over even though peaple want it loud anyway, so this is important if you want more quality or more loudness on your tracks it depends on what you want. When we master for Spotify the new standard is -14Lufs for streaming, that means that it will sound good on Spotify and all the other streaming services. If you master your tracks up untill -4db, -6db, -8db Spotify will lower the volume, then your track willl sound worse if it is to loud. So i would say a decent level today for a usual master is -8-db. This is a matter of taste and the material ofcourse and if you want a louder mix you are welcome to. This product is for Spotify master only. If you want a loud mix just order the product Mastering.