Latest Release At Less Is More Records: M.J.E – The Frequency ( Original-Mix 2020 )

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This is the first free soundbank for sylenth1, you will need to update sylenth to the latest version for it to work correctly. This soundbank contains 32 free sounds for all types of EDM, let your creativity flow and make the next EDM banger.

Soundbank Description:

001:BA: Modwheel Pitch

002:BA: Reverse Hit

003:BA: Acid Mids

004:BA: Hit

005:BA: Old School

006:BA: Chord

007:BA: Distorted

008:BA: DEEP

009:BA: Nasty

010:BA: Future

011:BA: Portosaw

012: LD: Red Pitcher

013: LD: E.P.I.C

014: LD: Darkside

015: LD: China

016: LD: Strange

017: LD: Melodic

018: LD: Plucker

019: KEY: Deep

020: KEY: Use This

021: KEY: Chord

022: KEY: Pad Like

023: KEY: Synth Violin

024: KEY: Organ Keys

025: PL: Code Red

026: PL: GPitch

027: PL: Noise Phaser

028: PL: Dist Tech

029: PL: Epiks

030: LD: Hyper 7th Saw

031: LD: EDM

032: FX: Hits

Released At Diego Mirandas Label Less Is More Records

Released At Soundrepublic Recordings